Chapter 1 :I the Slavemancer, and She who is the Princess Knight

20 Oct

My Classmate is a Princess Knight Volume 1 Chapter 1

「Odamori-kun, here you go. The pamphlet for the School Field Trip」
「Oh……y, yeah」
「Well then, please take care of half of these」
「Oh, Okay」

Only this much.

That was the entire conversation exchanged between the Class Rep. Himeno Kirika and me, Odamori Tooru.
Since my seat was in the front row and at the left end, the burden of assisting the distribution the pamphlets was passed, the only reason for the conversation.

A quiet High-school Boy with absolutely zero redeeming features, and a Bishoujo with Excellent Grades and the most outstanding Popularity on the campus.
With that kind of setting, that was the utmost contact that was possible.

However, something unexpected ……「Provided that it were the Original World」 was the remark that was stated, such as the outcome that has resulted here.
※   ※   ※
School Field Trips to me, were as dreary of an event as any other School Events.

Of course there is no lover after all, There was not even a single friend.
It is not like there was any bullying, it was more like there no importance to anyone, an existence similar to air.
Ever since the enrollment to school without ever changing, it was my standing position in class.

For such a solitary me, it would be impossible to have any expectations of experiencing happiness seeing the sights and taking a stroll with others.
Therefore on the moving bus, there was one person already with the least amount of spirit vacantly staring out the window when…… that “Accident” occurred.

An Explosive Sound, a Strong Ballistic Shock, and the Shrieks of Teacher and Classmates.
Then my vision white out.

Meanwhile, I in the end had nothing that was good ever happen in my life, the only thing was equal with everyone else was that the timing of death……Something such as, a feeling of dark nothingness fell.
※   ※   ※
The next time consciousness returned, I am in place that looked like an office and sitting on a cheap looking chair.

Before my eyes was a desk, and there meets a nervous man with glasses and a gray suit.
Approximately in his 30s, seeming more like a Western than Asian.
What is this, is it an interview in the afterlife?

「……Umm, We are very sorry for the terrible mistake done by our management.
Of course “reparations” will be made, so please be relieved」

Both hands extended in a grandiose manner like those in foreign dramas, the man in the suit wears a constrained smile.
……Umm well, I am not understanding where this conversation is flowing at all.

「That is quite reasonable. Allow me to explain it briefly. First of all, I am the “Administrator”. Or by your concepts God, please think of me as such if possible」

Ahh……even if that were the case this place isn’t even decorated with occult items and the like.
At least in the background, it would be good if something like a Temple or Shrine was placed.

「Moving on, please under that that it was an “accident”. A partial collision between dimensions……it would seem, that it only happens about once every several centuries. Umm, well of course efforts are being made to prevent it from recurring……」

In spite of stating it to be brief, it was a mix of useless excuses thrown into the speech here and there.
It is the end of the world if even the Domain of the Gods is filled with Bureaucratic red tape.

At any case, the “Administrator” ossan’s explanation, it is summarized as followed:

1.All of us in the original world died instantly, and it is not possible to reverse this
2.So in exchange, our souls will be “Reincarnated” into a different world
3.Regarding the Reincarnation Destination World, it’s a so called Middle-Ages Fantasy World filled with Magic and Monsters.
4.Not from infancy, the next reincarnation will be from forms similar to the original
5.What Kind of Occupation and Position after Reincarnating will be decided at random
6.We are welcome to live our lives as freely as we want afterward

「Thus, as explained to each single person one by one the upcoming reincarnation is decided by drawing lots. Well here you are」

Similar to the Neighborhood Association Lottery Boxes, A shabby box with a hole was presented.
While thinking of how many various things were wrong with this, Since it can’t be helped I plunged my hand in and plucked one sheet out.

What is this……『Slavemancer』?

「Huh, You can’t be serious? Isn’t this a disastrous one mixed in? Really? This is strange……」

The “Administrator” is twisting his neck。
Hey, get a grip you so called God.
What is Slavemancer in the first place? A Job? A Title?

「Oh well, it can’t be helped now that it came out……。
Well, from here on please live your second life to the fullest as a Slavemancer。
Well then, the next person is waiting so   Sayo〜Nara〜」

Hey, wait a second there are still so many questions to ask……And without any time to pause。
My vision, again it whites out。
※   ※   ※
……In a small remote village, a strange and unusual phenomenon occurred in the early spring。

It began with a village girl who went into the forest to gather medicinal herbs, one by one the young women went missing。

Goblins and Orcs, or even possibly bandits were believed to be the culprit, but there were no traces or eye witness reports。
None of investigations and combing of the mountains had any results, even the Adventurer Party that accepted the Investigation request lost contact。

When it had escalated to the boiling point, it had been decided to finally send a direct request for reinforcements to the Royal Capital 。
Since the Previous Adventurer Party was considered to be greatly capable, The Government of the Royal Capital, seeing how grave the situation was, had reached a decision to dispatch the most Elite and Powerful from their Order of Knight。

And, the first one to sign up was……。
※   ※   ※
「……The Third Trap Room, it seems to have been broken through。Master」

A dim light illuminates the deepest depths of the Cavern。

Observing the Battle Zone with Farsight Magic on a Monocle, the robe wearing Sorceress, reported to me with vacant eyes。
They are things commonly known as Rape Eyes……but, such a circumstance can not be bothered with right now。
I crossed a leg upwards on the simple throne made of stone, To her……I questioned the slave.

「So, the combined traps of Magic Missiles and Poison Gas were easily broken through singlehandedly。What do you think, could the intruder be an adventurer similar to you?」
「Nay, I fear that it is probably a Knight from the Imperial Capital……in addition probably a specialist in unassisted solo subjugation combat and dungeon capturing、their most  elite one」
「Oh really, it is such a pain, this country that is。Oh well, doing such loud and flashy things was bound to raise a great uproar」

The serial missing persons case continues to disturb this remote region。
As a matter of fact the main culprit, is I who has reincarnated into this world。

The Base is located in a cave filled with  traps, with this any adventurer that came to subjugate were enslaved。
Everything, All of it was thanks to the unexpectedly lucky draw which gave the ability to use the power of Slavemancer。
A more detailed explanation will be told afterwards……it is more important to deal with the rude intruder now。

「If it goes on at this rate, the individual will soon reach here。What are your instructions Master, Shall we head out to intercept?」
「Do you think you could win? Suppose, they are in their best form」
「It would be most difficult。The enemy’s power, it singlehandedly exceeds that of our party。However, it may be wounded」

Should a sacrificial pawn tactic be employed, or not。
Needless to say, the slaves would throw away their lives without hesitation if ordered to do so。

Giving some thought……I shook my head in disapproval。

「No, let’s stop。For this special occasion, why don’t we stay here and greet them。This Knight-sama that is」

After giving the obediently bowing Sorceress her orders, I began some preparations.
Around the time when it was completed……The Doors of the Chamber, opened with a loud and piercing bang。

「Your days of evil end here, you Wicked Wizard!
Stop your resistance and quietly surrender, Or Else——」

That which has appeared, A blue mantle and long black hair fluttering, clad in sparkling silver armor was the Female Knight。
The thinly sparkling broad sword of the knight was pointed to attack, and it was aimed straight at me。

「By the Sword of this Princess Knight Kirika, your death will come——」


That voice, that face, that name。

Such a thing is truly unexpected, I instinctively rose。
At the same time, the other side also notices。

「Hii, Himeno……san?」
「Odamori, Kun!?」

……Like that.

This was mine, the Former Odamori Tooru, Slavemancer Tooru’s and.
The Former Himeno Kirika, Princess Knight Kirika’s

This was our first conversation in the New World.
※   ※   ※
Slavemancer Tooru
JOB:Slavemancer  LV6

Princess Knight Kirika
JOB:Princess Knight  LV5

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