My Classmate is a Princess Knight vol 1 ch 4

20 Oct

04 Story: The Bath and Slave Paizuri

「Well〜, taking a bath after exercise is great. Don’t you think so?」

In the stone bath enveloped by steam, I pour whitish hot water over my face.
In the deepest part of the cave, a pleasant bathroom that takes advantage of a gushing natural hot springs.
Having made a base here, it was really lucky.

「What exercise huh……。Only for providing a place to wash the body, I’ll express my gratitude for the time being」

Kirika utters such, from a slight distance away while submerged to the shoulders, and scornful eyes glaring at me.
The filth attached to the body from having sex all night, it was completely washed away.
Obviously, that excludes the part where it was poured into the womb.

「The living conditions of a magic slave, it seems Goshujinsama has the intention to care for the needs」
「Why yes thank you very much……This is a very sexually explicit sight don’t you think. But I suppose it would be useless to say it」

With the armor taken off any element of being a Princess Knight disappears,  the “Nakedness of the Classmate Himeno-san” is made conscious of.
A pure white healthy nude body, with a contrast between the beautiful black hair that was collected onto the shoulders so as to prevent it from being submerged in water.
There isn’t any useless flesh but there is a soft feminine line, quite arousing.

「Are you shy now in this place? Until we collapsed to sleep, we were locked together so wildly yesterday……」
「So, please stop it with that talk!」

The plentiful experience value has made my heavily laboured spear revive, each little embarrassed reaction is lovely.
Desperately trying to conceal the chest with the arm, the volume puffing out is much bigger than expected.
Isn’t it about an E cup size?
It would be easy to make an order to move the hand aside but, but it is too hard to get rid of that bashful appearance right now.

「Now, back to the story.
Princess Sistina……yes, that is the lord that has employed you」

Naturally, it doesn’t mean that they are both related.
With Kirika as my source of information, this country……the Ranbadia Kingdom’s state of affairs were learned of.
The name that came out was, Third Princess Sistina Ranbadia.
The name of the young Royal that she serves.

As soon as Kirika reincarnated, Princess Sistina had went roaming the outskirts incognito, and had come across a place where evil monsters attack due to some bad luck.
And then by displaying power to save from that dilemma, as the benefactor of the princess, she seems to have been received as a close aide.

「What a great promotion. What kind of person is Princess Sistina?」
「She is……exceedingly graceful, a bright and reliable person. The age matches the same year, a friend who is very close and kind to me」
「Fumufumu. So, a beauty?」

Listening while grinning, there was a open frown on Kirika’s face.
Oioi, it is a very important matter is it not.

「……A very beautiful person. Platinum Blonde with blue eyes, the very image of a princess……also known as the Greatest Treasure of Ranbadia」
「Oh really, the Princess Knight serving such a Princess. That certainly is a picture perfect scenario I wish to have seen」

Oh well, now I am your Lord and master.
But, the Greatest Treasure of Ranbadia huh……that peaks my curiousity.

「Ok, I’ve decided. This Princess Sistina, I’ll make her into my Magic slave」

Kirika was at a loss for words as one would expect.
Oh, in that instant the arm concealing the breasts slipped away and a nipple nearly came into view.

「Are, are you insane. No matter how much power you have, that would be reckless……Even if it is either successful or a failure, you would become the enemy of the state!?」
「Why do you believe so? There will be guards around the Royal Family it seems, but by easily capturing VIPs all over the country and turning them into magic slaves might I completely take over the Kingdom?」

After I said that provocation, Kirika thought for a bit, and then prudently began to talk.

「No……even with your power, there must be limits. For example the number of people that can be maintained as magic slaves all at once is not that large, this is the conjecture  that can be extrapolated from examining your activity and war potential」
「Oh really……」

Didn’t that get figured out with considerably too much ease, I am a bit impressed.
Though, even with the Cheat Job of Slavemancer, it doesn’t mean magic slaves can be increased without limit.
The number of people that can be simultaneously employed as slaves, it is equal to the skill level of the Slavery Magic.
In other words, the maximum I can have now is up 6 people.
Perhaps exceeding certain level might cause a radical increase, but it doesn’t look to be in that state yet.

And if the making of magic slaves was pushed to the limits, the magic spell on someone will be lifted even without me freeing them, it is not possible for a new magic slave to be enslaved.
It will take some time to overcome this slight drawback.

Therefore, I must make the most possible out of the “Empty Slot” for one person.
When battling against Kirika (Skill Level of 5 at the time), my magic slaves who are the Sorceress Nina, the female warrior Amelia, and two other adventurers (Because a different order was given, they aren’t here now).
The villager girls who were made into magic slaves while testing the ability, the magic spell was released and are now being confined in a hidden room deep within the cave.

Since the number is limited, the quality of the magic slave is most important.
For this reason, obtaining Princess Knight Kirika otherwise known as an unforeseen Ace was very fortunate.

「Your total war potential is not on a very grand scale. Also, the knights employed as guards in the Royal Palace have high magic resistance, 、there are a lot of magicians that can find out if a person is in the state of being enchanted」
「Even if you were to be used to conduct an invasion, or does it mean that ordinary means wont pass」
「Yes. For someone with no aspirations it is overambitious」
「Oh, are you worried about me?」
「Wh, Who is……! The one I am worried about is Princess Sistina-sama!」

While teasing her, I then thought.
To be certain, there is a need to devise a plan with a little caution.

「Oh well, its all good. Oh yes I remember, Himeno-san. For your information, it is pointless to preach good and evil or advantages or disadvantages to me」

She had a puzzled look on her face.
I comb through her wet hair with my hand, and continued with the words.

「I have already decided on the direction. In this second life, I will live how I please」
「That is something different from making women compliant one after the another!?」
「I guess it should be fine to act out any desire, I personally believe so. But, for me in the previous world, there was nothing……Also with power and opportunity, there is nothing I don’t want to do」

Even in the last thoughts when dying in the bus accident, there was nothing but a grimacing sense of unaccomplishment.
Again, I don’t want a life like that.
Passing away from a life without attaining any feelings of satisfaction, there are too many regrets.

「Therefore, this time I have decided to live as I desire. Thus for that reason any kind of difficulty that shows up will be eliminated. Well, you shall obey me. And you will like it」

The Princess Knight captured, making such a spoiled princess fall into depravity.
The perfect ideal target to fire me up.
As a man, there will be few certain challenges that would be worth doing.

「Odamori-kun, you……!」

Kirika stared at me with a complicated expression with various emotions mixed in.

※   ※   ※

Exiting the bath, I laid on the smooth bedrock.
Kirika following afterward in accordance to the order, shows a vigilant expression to what may happen next.

「I fell down and got dirty, therefore I believe we should do the “Happy Washing” that is done with two people. First of all, you have to cover the front of your body with soap」
「Eh, N……no way, What kind of set up is that!?」

No matter the type of command, it is impossible for a magic slave to disobey.
Purun, the soft well shaped oppai were revealed, on the smooth gentle line of the stomach……Kirika takes the soap suds and plasters it on herself wih her hands.

「You personally will become the instrument that cleans. Hora, cover me in the front as you are now」
「Eehh~!? Su, such a thing is absolutely improper……Kya, n~……!?」

*Munyuri, the two soft inflated boobs presses down creates a transforming sensation.
It tenses up, even the moderately plump buttocks, is like that of an upper arm.
The many soft parts of her, it completely covers my bare skin while covered in soapy foam.

「Ooh, this is quite excellent~……! The whole body as is, making sure to rub against……Oou!?」
「ya, ah~ an~!? Th, this~ is seems to be slipping off~……yaaaah~!?」

The body clumsily moves back and forth, Kirika’s vivacious body itself is a meat sponge that moves to brush me.
The soapy nude body slides with a Nyuru Nyuru, and with a pleasant feeling continues to slide.

「It can’t be, that Himeno-san is give me a washing service like some kind of soap call girl……quite the impression」
「Wh, what is that~, I don’t care anymore~……ahuu, ko, *kosurete(scrub)~……!」

It is impossible to ever get tired of the big breasts that changes form freely, sometimes a firm sense of touch is occasionally blended in.
In the white foam, a cute small pink bump pops in and out of visibility. [TL: Her nipples are hard.]

「umm, Himeno-san, are you nipples hard by any chance?」
「Eh!? S, such a thing~……Y, yes, they are erect……~!」

Lies are not permitted towards the master’s “question”.
Although a physiological phenomena, the shameful act of immodestly rubbing the pointed nipples against a man’s body, has made her face dyed an excessive color.

「It is nothing in particularly shameful. Mine are also like this too」
「U, uuh~……Wh, what I know is that just because you say it doesn’t make that true……」

The school’s top class bishoujo doing an erotic soap play, there is no man who wouldn’t have an erection.
My penis which was covered in foam begins to rise, it gets hotter and harder each time it comes in contact with her soft inner thigh and lower abdomen.

「That is perfect, where shall we have you focus on washing next. It is a given……with your breasts, of course」
「Eh, EEh~!?」

Raising myself up, sitting on the bedrock between both of my legs, her upper body had moved.
Just as is, the pair of large voluminous meat spheres jutted out……*munyuuuu~! My hot meat rod was inserted in between.

「~Ku, ooh……Th, this was more that expected~……!」
「Ya, h~hot~……!? B, breasts are doing it on its own……~!?」

The former classmate Kyonyuu(Big titty) Princess Knight, starts the soapy foam covered paizuri(tit fuck).
Getting intoxicated with the enormous funyufunyu marshmallows, like water balloons of silk filled with hot water.
It is a comfortable feeling that can’t be described by words, tenderly wrapping around my erect penis.

「Amazing, I am perfectly inserted in between aren’t I. The size of the Oppai, how big is it?」
「Uh……N, Ninetyy~……90 E Cup, desu……~!」[TLN:woah]

Under the coercion force of magic slavery, an embarrassing confession was drawn out.
These are the famous hidden kyonyuu, it is indeed a very delightful miscalculation.

「Ah uu……M, most despicable……! Sh, It’s so Shameful」
「Well now, the way it doesn’t let this dick escape from its cleavage, it is the best washing from E Cup Oppai」

The wet black hair that has a nice scent, is played with the movement of the fingers.
Nupu~, papu~, nyururun~……With the ecchi sound echoing, Kirika was forced into giving a paizuri service.

「Su, such a thing what is so fun about it I can’t at all understand……!」
「You don’t really comprehend anything about a man’s heart〜, do you Princess Knight Class Rep-san. At school and even at the Royal Court, we men have been watching your breasts with such thoughts in our eyes」
「U, uso yo~! No way there was such hentai-like thoughts, it is only you……!」

The highly sought after Bishoujo, the high peaks of the Princess Knight’s cleavage, right here and now for the first time they are offered exclusively to me.
The feeling of monopolized conquest makes the penis become more and more excited, the head of the penis swells to a deep red as it continuously and repeatedly approaches before Kirika’s eyes, she is filled with fear.

「Uuh……Th, this, hot and stiff thing, there is nothing on the natural human body that should give a feeling of disgust……!」
「I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. Aah, oh yeah……there is one thing that you could clarify. What is the duration time for magic slaves」

To that sudden change in topic, suspicion follows the face while the carefully listening Kirika gives a paizuri.
She is still trying to escape from my control somehow, never missing any information.

「It is inversely proportional to the strength of the Magic Resistance of the person being enslaved. An ordinary person doesn’t have any magic resistance, as long as I don’t cancel then the scope would continue on semi-permanently however……it isn’t so for resistance skills like those in your possession」

After hearing about it, hope appeared in Kirika’s face.
As usual the chest was stroking the penis within the gap at the same time, however it’s strangely exciting.

「……Is it okay? To even expose such a thing to me」
「I don’t mind it, to this degree. The magic spell can just be applied again to reset it, of course there is no intention to tell you the specific span of time」
「Even so……it is a sufficient gain. If you ever fall into a situation where you can’t reapply it for whatever reason, there will be a chance to unravel this subordination. I have decided to never give up under any condition……I will never let you lay a hand on Princess Sistina-sama……tsu!」

Ha ha, she is interesting as expected.
Under the hopeless domination as a Magic Slave, and additionally being humiliated, yet without abandoning hope still trying to oppose me.
The title of Princess Knight isn’t just for show.
And so, it is for this reason that I have decided to make her submit to me from the completely from the core of her heart and soul.

「As expected of Princess Knight Kirika. Well, without delay……shall we “Rebind” you」

Was I using magic in this moment as I laughed with a smile? Is what made Kirika seem puzzled.

「Besides chanting, there are various other intermediaries of magic. For example, bodily fluids. Typically it is blood, for magic spells of slavery there are certain other ideal ones in addition to that」
「Eh……That, that can’t be……!?」
「Literally it means “Repair Lock” right. Even Himeno-san would nonetheless understand what it means……!」

The heavenly spheres of flesh are a deadly weapon that heightens the feelings of pleasure, the dick is already on the verge of Erupting.
Its significance was realized by the Princess Knight’s frightened face, directed through the Cowper’s gland that then vents out the pointed end to shoot with slightly trembling at short repeated intervals.

「I, I can’t believe you came on my f~ face~!? Ya, yada uso o~!!」
「Running away is not allowed, or you will be at stake of being severely punished……Now the last spurt ~, press down with the breasts with all of your might! Look, I will also do this~!」
「Ya, yaa~, auu~!? Eh~, my ni~nipples noooo~!!?」

To my surprise pinching attack on both of her nipples, Kirika cried out with a cute voice.
Completely pointed the stiff protrusions of hers were played with.
Amazingly my penis was given passionate oppai service with unbroken motions at the same time, continuing without stopping.

「At the same time as I ejaculate, I command you to move along the shaft so that you cum from your teats……Kuuu~!!」
「Yada Yada Yada aa~!!? Su, such a thing I don’t want to do! Nya~, awa aaa~~!!」

Nyupan~tsu, Nyupan~tsu and extremely high pressure was put on the middle of the cock by the Princess Knights 90cm Kyonyuu.
While dizzy from the heat of the bathroom, the dark red gland of the head aimed so it would cling to her face and the strands of her black hair.
At the same time I felt an impulse within the lower back raging upwards to release.
Kyuuuu~tsu~!! And, the swollen nipples were pinched with the fingers exactly as how the order was given.

「Uu~, here I go, your master’s marking of your face!! The semen is splashing all over your face, as if you are milking it out, Himeno Kirikaaa~!!」
「Ya~ yada~a~a~~a~…………Higuuuuaaa〜〜〜〜〜〜っっっ!!?」

Dobyuru~, Dopuddobyurururuuuu!!!

Taken aback by the peaks of the nipples with the pressure of Kirika’s soft large bust, as well as the squeezing.
With tremendous momentum from the meat stick, a sticky cloudy liquid was dumped all over the face of the Princess Knight.
In sequence, the extent of the quantity surprises even myself, the well featured face of the bishoujo, the black hair, all of which were defiled.

「Wau~……Wapua~!? Aaa~……nwaa, yaaa……~tsu!!」
「Ku, uku~……! Uh, oh~……N, not done yet! You are mine, Kirika you are only my magic slave now……Uhu~!」
「F, for that……! Y, you even then, for something like that……!」
「Until I take your heart and soul, from now on every day, we will play this way countlessly…… in addition, outside just the physical, it will be proof of being my possession……!」

A viscous and smelly white milk has become an mediation of the magical power to carve a new proof of enslavement.
Breathing roughly, while looking upon the trembling Kirika with her body in disgrace and swelling tits defiled, I was immersed in an unrivaled and euphoric feeling of conquest.

And now……waiting for the right timing.
In the bathroom enveloped by steam and a vulgar smell, the figures of two people have appeared.

「The renewal of the Enslavement magic spell, it seems to have been properly done, Goshujinsama!」
「AAhh, Himekishi-sama’s super adorable face is very enchanting isn’t it……but isn’t there too much cum, Master」

Appearing from the other side of the fog, a Blonde with shoulder length golden hair, and a Redhead with long wild hair.

「Eh~, Y, you guys……っ!?」

In a state of cloudy deposits adhering to the face, Kirika was confused and in discomfort.
It is understandable.
The Sorceress Nina and the Female Warrior Amelia……Both of which who are my Magic Slaves.

Well, the girls are now.
With nice looks and tones, until now the were rather doll like……As if they were normal people, they had been lively.

※   ※   ※

Slavemancer Tooru
Job :          SlavemancerLV7
Skill:          【Slavery MagicLV6】


Princess Knight Kirika
Job :          Princess KnightLV5
Skill:          【Holy Knight Sword TechniqueLV3】

【Magic ResistanceLV2】



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