My Classmate is a Princess Knight [INDEX]

20 Oct

(姫騎士がクラスメート! 〜異世界チートで奴隷化ハーレム〜

Alt: My Classmate is a Princess Knight! ~ Different World Cheat Starting an Enslaved Harem~

Himekishi ga Kurasumeeto!

Author: E K Z

A High School Boy without friends, Odamori Tooru reincarnated into Fantasy World after a bus accident on a School Field Trip。The job that was drawn, 『Slavemancer』a Cheat occupation that dominates the minds of others。Tooru begins to immediately enslave women with that power。However, a Bishoujo of a classmate who similarly reincarnated, Himeno Kirika is a 『Princess Knight』of Justice who has appeared before Tooru——!? 「Once this happens a Former Classmate, Adventurer, an Elf, A Demon, a Princess, all of these will be collected as slaves!」

Volume One: Me, the Princess Knight, and the Princess of Prophecy.

Chapter 1 :I the Slavemancer, and She who is the Princess Knight

chapter 2:The Fight, and the Conclusion

chapter 3 : Enslavement and The Stealing of Virginity

chapter 4: The Bath and Slave Paizuri

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