05 Sep


This is the new novel I pick up. It was written by the same author as The Law of the Devil.

Conquest (猎国) by Dancing (跳舞)


“A powerful minister who does not seek to usurp the throne is not a qualified to become a
powerful minister … One day my face will be printed on the imperial gold coin!” – Shaar Thunder
In the south of the continent was the old but powerful empire – Byzantium. In the north was the Odin Empire and in west the Island countries Atlantis. These three Kingdoms formed a triangle on the continent. In the buffer zone between the borders of the three countries – In the wilderness of the primal wildfire– was a youth of unknown origin– Shaar, a child who was adopted by an old man who was the descendant of the tulip family.
Under the strange training of this old guy, Shaar mastered a pair of amazing skills. After the old man died, Shaar started to climb up from a “ground beetle” to become a king through a journey of magic and conquest.
This story has the twists and turns of a wonderful love story, intrigues and political struggle, passionate battle scenes, colorful adventures and as well a magnificent legend…

Chapter index:

Chapter 0

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